Every class is personal, different and always fun!
Each term, kids will experience using a wide range of art materials and learn new techniques. From watercolors to acrylic to pastels and mixed media, kids will be inspired to develop their creativity, stimulate their mind and put their own mark in masterpieces they take home - in a warm, relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Kids benefit through art in so many ways:
boost self confidence
promotes curiosity and encourages knowledge gathering
develops their imagination
improves social skills and a lot more!


Choices of payment: 

240 ILS a month - pay as you go once a month. 

220 ILS a month if signing up per 2 months. 

200 ILS a month if signing up for 6 months

65 ILS if signing up per class. 

English Through Art single class

65.00 ₪Price
Which day are you signing up for?