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Meet Ailene, the owner and founder of   COLOR CAFÉ


Ailene Laufer has had a passion for art since childhood. She inherited this passion from her maternal grandfather, Evgenii Brukman – a highly acclaimed international multi-artist. She also got a lot of her inspiration from her aunt, Karin Zur, who is a well known ceramic artist in Israel. Ailene studied art in the "Midrasha Leumanot," graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art and Education. She taught art class to grade school children in Holon, Israel for 5 years.  
During maternity leave, Ailene missed her daily engagement with art so strongly that she decided she had to actively create an environment dedicated to art and children.  At first she started teaching her oldest daughter how to draw, paint, and use her imagination to create. Later, Ailene’s friends started joining with their kids. And the rest, as they say, is history.  Ailene’s greatest joy, outside of being a wife and mother to two sweet girls is encouraging all children to be imaginative, creative, and express their unique visions through art.

COLOR CAFÉ is an art hub and community Ailene always dreamed of creating. A place for artist and art lovers from all over the world to come together and do what they love most. Art, culture, languages through art, therapy through art, arts and crafts, and quality time with your loved ones all under one roof.

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